What Makes The Perfect Restaurant On Valentine’s Day?

Valentines day… the time quickly comes around year after year where it’s all about spending time with that special person in your life.  

It’s a romantic day that is dedicated to showing how much you love your significant other, and what better way to show you love someone than with a candlelit dinner at the perfect restaurant. But, what should you look for in a restaurant to make that romantic day one to remember? 

Fantastic Food 

So… what makes a good valentine’s day restaurant? Firstly, it’s fantastic food! Nothing quite lets you down like a Valentine’s Day meal that doesn’t hit the spot. It’s bad enough spending your hard-earned money and feeling let down following dinner service on any ‘ordinary’ day of the year… never mind on Valentine’s Day! Particularly if you’re looking to impress; which we hope you are! 

In contrast, a great dining experience on Valentine’s Day will have you staring into one another’s eyes all night long. Especially if it’s Italian food… the most romantic food of all! So, be sure to look for restaurants with highly rated food reviews. 

After all, facts don’t lie. And, with the power of the internet in the modern-day, it’s easy to browse across different restaurants with the swipe of a finger. Basil & Grape are proud to boast an average food rating of 4.6/5! So you know you can trust us to satisfy those taste buds. 

Delicious Drinks 

Arguably the second most important thing to look for in a Valentine’s Day restaurant… delicious drinks! It’s common sense that you need a lush drink to wash down your food with – and of course, many of us love to get tipsy on Valentine’s Day.

Creative cocktails, spirits, and most importantly… wonderful wines. That’s the exact recipe that contributes to the perfect Valentine’s Day restaurant. Here at Basil & Grape, we are proud to offer some of the finest wine brands Italy has to offer. Tempted? We also have special handpicked wines from other world-famous regions from across the globe. 

Cocktail making is an art that deserves dedication. Here at Basil & Grape, we have been inspired by various cocktails from across the world. It’s science! Our team has developed a wide range of weirdly wonderful concoctions that are sure to impress your date on Valentine’s Day. 

Splendid Settings 

Don’t get us wrong… fantastic food and delicious drinks are the cornerstone of a great dining experience. However, how much more satisfied do you feel surrounded by splendidly good settings? You need to pull out the stops on Valentine’s Day… and this is another way of doing so. 

Fantastic surroundings and an enjoyable backdrop, when your eyes aren’t on your date obviously, is the key ingredient in building a romantic vibe on Valentine’s Day. A candlelit dinner table with comfortable surroundings is sure to fill the air with love. Particularly if the food and drink is on point too! We’re proud to boast of our brand new restaurant interior that brings a touch of class to Croydon. Come down and visit us and see it for yourself. 

Amazing Atmosphere and Ambience

Going to a restaurant for a Valentine’s Day meal is a full experience that involves all of the senses. It’s not just about the food and drink… everything can play a part – the level of service, the music, the lighting, the colour scheme, the decorations, the seating arrangements and much, much more! 

If you’re happy in the restaurant… the food tastes even better! That’s why all Valentine’s Day restaurants should place great emphasis on treating their customers as if they’re the only ones in the restaurant – showing them true value through impeccable service. 

Service that goes above and beyond can build a great atmosphere across the entire restaurant, after all, we go out for food to wind down and enjoy ourselves! If the room is jam-packed with happy couples on valentines day… this will make for a sublime atmosphere that will leave you wanting more! Let’s put it this way – you’ll definitely want to see the dessert menu. 

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Valentine’s Day Menu Croydon 

Our final element that can make or break a great Valentine’s Day restaurant – a special Valentine’s Day menu or deal! After all… who doesn’t want to save a few quid whilst feeling fancy? Particularly the fellas out there trying to show their love by putting their hands in their pockets… 

That’s why Basil & Grape are offering a super generous, three-course Valentine’s Day Menu. The best part – it’s all for only £30pp! 

The Valentine’s Day Menu includes: 

  • A glass of Italian Prosecco on arrival 🥂
  • A Grande Sharer Board 🧀
  • A Pizza or Pinsa each 🍕
  • A Dessert of choice each 🍰

Valentine’s Day in Croydon 

Are you looking to book a table for Valentine’s Day in Croydon? Then look no further! Basil & Grape has the perfect blend of food, drinks, settings and atmosphere to make a romantic night you will never forget! Book today to guarantee availability. We look forward to welcoming all the lovebirds to celebrate Valentine’s Day in true Italian style.