Our Food

At B&G we love to create a cosy and intimate atmosphere of togetherness with our guests; we believe that our friends in Italy got this spot on with their aperitivo concept.  It is the practice of spending a few hours after work enjoying one another’s company whilst sipping a glass of wine or a Campari and nibbling on a selection of Italian spuntini (Light bites such as bruschetta, cured meats and cheeses). Whether it is after work or on the weekend; join us and experience the perfect way to experience Italian culture!

Our spuntini is served in an array of ways from hand crafted bruschetta available with a number of different toppings; to indulgent sharing boards of select Italian meats and cheeses which can serve larger groups. But the food offering doesn’t end there! Also on the menu is a selection of handcrafted paninis, salads and stone baked pizzas; all freshly made to order in store. Are you one of those people who have a second stomach for dessert? If so, you will not be disappointed by our dessert menu which includes our gelato, homemade tiramisu and a fantastic assortment of gluten free cakes.


After tasting various pizzas during our culinary journey across Italy, our team at Basil & Grape is excited to introduce our very own selection of beautifully, handcrafted, delicious artisan pizzas! In addition to our delightful meat pizzas, such as the Nduja and Parma, we also offer a range of gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan pizza options, including the Goat’s Cheese and Verdure

Our Boards

At Basil & Grape, we pride ourselves on wanting to bring a taste of Italy to all of our customers; and this is clearly displayed with our incredible range of sharing boards we have to offer, including the ‘Massima’ (serves 2) and the much larger ‘Suprema’ (serves 4). A delicious and generous selection of cured meats and cheese imported from all over Italy; our team of experts at Basil & Grape will be able to advise you in choosing the perfect pairings for our wine selection. We recommend you bring your friends along for this unforgettable aperitivo experience


Our Italian style paninis are made with delightful combinations of cured meats, cheeses, salads and vegetables that are layered between fresh focaccia or ciabatta bread. All of our paninis, including the Como and Piemonte, are freshly prepared in store and warmed to perfection


Fancy a lighter lunch or dinner? Cue our incredible selection of Italian salads. Whether it’s an indulgent Caprese salad drizzled in balsamic glaze or our delightful Carpaccio di Bresaola, at Basil & Grape we have an amazing selection of fresh salads to tickle any fancy!


Our team has taken this authentic Italian dish and added its own Basil & Grape twist to it. As well as offering the classic Pomodoro (freshly chopped and seasoned tomatoes with a touch of garlic), we have added a further 7 delicious variations to choose from, including one of our favourites, Goat’s Cheese and Fig Jam, which will literally melt in your mouth.


Italian cuisine is famous throughout the world, but most people are more familiar with the savoury dishes such as pizza. But here at B&G, we expose the sweet delicacies hailing from all around Italy. Probably the best known of all Italian desserts, we have our very own homemade tiramisu, which literally translates to ‘pick me up’, due to the mood-lifting combination of coffee, cocoa and sweet mascarpone. Our menu also includes a delicious pizza con nutella dessert, as well as our unique and delightful Sicilian cakes.

Our Food Menu

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Our Dessert Menu

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