Basil & Grape are delighted to bring you some of the finest brands Italy has to offer; known for being the country that produces the most wine in the world it is only fitting that we dedicate our primary wine list to this nation of wine.

The unique landscape of Italy ranging from its hills and mountains to extensive coastline has led to a variety of terrain perfect for growing many different types of grape; Italy boasts around 20 different wine regions each with its own unique and fabulous flavours and here at Basil & Grape we would like to take your taste buds on a journey throughout the country.

Our wine lists will be ever changing and evolving throughout the year; our owners are constantly travelling throughout the many vineyards of Italy looking for those hidden gems that will bring a true taste of Italy to Croydon.

Basil & Grape also boasts a wine list of hand-picked wines from across the globe so feel free to ask our staff for our other labels if you fancy a change from our Italian selection.

Wine List

Our Italian wine selection boasts labels such as our simple yet elegant Pinot Grigio which also happens to be vegan! Our Barolo and Chianti are also worth mentioning and are must haves for any connoisseur of tipples from “the home of wine.”

If you are after something from other parts of the globe we offer labels such as our Zindafel rosé from California, red wine from the Medoc region of Bordeaux, Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand to name a few; and you simply must try our Rioja!

Creative Cocktails

At Basil & Grape we take pride in treating the art of cocktail making as a science. We have a few classics on our menu such as the “Negroni” and “Espresso Martini” but we have many weird and wonderful concoctions designed by our team and inspired by the cocktail scene across the globe.  With our special syrups and unique ingredients all made in house we guarantee that you will be left wanting more.

Our Cocktails

Of course classic creations such as the Aperol spritz and Negroni is a must for any Italian cocktail menu but Basil & Grape is a venue that also offers cocktails from around the world!

Our martinis are a real treat if we do say so ourselves! Whether it be our Hibiscus based martini (which is a personal favourite of our owners) or one of our other signature cocktails the “Mango Bomb” you will never run out of options.  No visit to Basil & Grape is complete without trying our signature “B&G” Cocktail too; a truly unique cocktail that was created by us!


wine glasses on the bar

Drinks menu

Download a PDF of our selection of drinks.