Our Top 5 Vegan Italian Dishes

Check out our top five vegan dishes here at the Basil and Grape, all of which include exquisite tasting vegan Italian ingredients! 

Please note all in this blog are entirely vegan dishes, and many more vegetarian options can be found across our menu. 

Occupying the first two spots of our vegan Italian food list are two of our beautiful, hand crafted and delicious vegan pizzas. All of the vegan pizzas on our menu are available in Artisan, Roman Pinza or gluten free bases – so the choice is yours!

  1. Vegan Mozzarella Artisan Pizza 

Our Artisan vegan pizza is hand stretched and prepared by our highly skilled and experienced pizza craftsmen using fresh, premium quality ingredients for the absolute perfect taste. 

The combination of our carefully chosen traditional ingredients makes this the perfect vegan pizza for all to try. The blend of our artisan dough, vegan mozzarella cheese and flavour packed tomato sauce is a trio you will not forget. 

  1. Roman Pinza Vegan Pizza with Vegetables

Alternatively, if you like your pizza with toppings, you can order a vegan pizza from the Basil and Grape with various grilled vegetables that add extra flavour and crunch to every bite.

Roman Pinza is a secret and ancient roman recipe of pizza dough that is stretched into oval form with light and airy crust. Roman Pinza pizza has many digestive benefits as 72 hour proofing allows starch to break down, making this a healthier alternative to traditional pizza as there are fewer calories, less fat and less sodium. This base has a thin and crispy outside with a soft and tasty inside. If you love a traditional tasting vegan pizza, then this is the one for you!

  1. Monte Pinsi Ripieni 

The word ‘pinsi’ derives from the Latin word ‘pinsere’ which translates to ‘stretch and squeeze’. This is a special form of panini on our menu that is stuffed with artichoke spread, roasted aubergines, garlic and mint for the perfect vegan dish. 

The word ‘pinsi’ has ancient origins that date back all the way to the Roman empire – an ancient recipe we have mastered by adding a modern flavoursome twist. This vegan panini is high in water content and uses soy and rice flour, making it a highly digestible and healthy meal.

  1. Pomodoro Bruschetta

Fourth on our top five Italian vegan dishes is our mouth watering pomodoro bruschetta. Bruschetta is an Italian antipasto that consists of grilled bread, garlic, seasoning and olive oil – giving you a true and simple taste of Italy. 

Alternatively, you can try our alternate vegan italian bruschetta options that include additional toppings that may be more to your liking:

  • Cream of Artichokes – topped with our special cream of artichokes. 
  • Roasted Vegetable – topped with our special mix of roasted vegetables. 
  1. Genova Panini

Last but not least is our ‘Genova’ Italian style panini, which is made with delightful ingredient combinations that hit the spot! Every panini on the menu is baked and prepared freshly in store then warmed to perfection prior to serving. 

Our vegan paninis are layered between fresh focaccia or ciabatta bread. We use perfectly roasted local aubergines and peppers – alongside our secret sauce recipe that accompanies the vegetables for a vegan taste sensation.