Our Story: Who Are Basil & Grape?

Welcome to Basil & Grape; the newest addition to Croydon’s bar and restaurant scene!

We are an Italian restaurant and wine bar located on George Street, nestled right in the heart of Croydon. We offer authentic Italian cuisine, along with some of the finest wines that Italy has to offer. All of our labels are handpicked by our team of certified wine experts, so you can be confident that we have a selection of delicious wines that will tantalise your tastebuds and accompany any dish on the menu.

From a selection of handcrafted, delicious artisan pizzas to mouth-watering salads bursting with colour, from scrumptious sharing boards filled with cured meats and cheeses to Italian style paninis which are packed with flavour and warmed to perfection; all of our dishes are freshly prepared onsite and are inspired by the flavours and culinary traditions of Italy!

For those who are simply looking for a trendy place to enjoy a tipple, you’ll be pleased to know that we take pride in the art of cocktail making. We offer a range of tempting cocktails, from well known classics to the many weird and wonderful concoctions designed by our team. All of our syrups are made in house too, ensuring that you’re getting a truly unique cocktail-tasting experience!

Looking for something a little more sophisticated? Why not come along to one of our wine tasting sessions where you can sample some amazing flavours from across the globe, specially selected by our wine connoisseurs.

Our owners Sen and Kaz have been best friends for over twenty five years. They spent the majority of their childhood in Croydon having studied together at Trinity School in Shirley. As most great ideas do; the idea to go into business together came about whilst they shared a bottle of wine and reminisced about their younger years. When the opportunity arose to enter the hospitality industry they decided to embark on realising their dreams of opening up a wine bar and restaurant. Having worked in partnership with a number of different restaurateurs and bar owners and in the process putting together a fantastic team; the idea for “Basil & Grape” was born.

We are delighted to bring a touch of class and a flavour of Italy to Croydon, offering something different among the ever-changing restaurant and bar scene which thrives here. We have combined our love for food, wine, culture and music to bring you a truly unique experience, each and every time you visit.

We hope that you will join us on our journey and we hope to see you soon!

"We’re really pleased to have returned to our Croydon roots after all these years and truly believe that we are contributing to the resurgence of the local economy and social scene. Ultimately, our main objective is to offer our customers a premium Italian wine bar that is affordable, but which also provides top quality food and drinks, along with exceptional customer service."

Kaz, Director at Basil & Grape

"It feels good to open up a business back in a place that was a large part of our childhood. There is a lot of potential in Croydon and we want to bring something a bit different to the table. We hope that our offering of a classy wine bar and restaurant experience with great customer service all within a beautifully intimate setting is something the people of Croydon will appreciate and enjoy."

Sen, Director at Basil & Grape